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19th CAC MC Elections

About CAC Management Committee

Ever wanted to be part of the organising committee for PERFORMING ARTS in NUS? Do you have the passion and love to plan events for the various dance and music groups? Do you see the potential in yourself, do you want to further push and improve yourself?
This is your chance – be a part of CAC MC! You will get to see all our 12 sub-clubs, work together with all of them!
It’s time for you to step up and take up the challenge by being part of the 19th Cultural Activities Club Management Committee!

Roles Available

Vice President (Internal)
Honorary Financial Secretary
Deputy Financial Secretary
Publicity & Media Director
Resource Director
Marketing Director
2 NUSSU Executive Committee Representative
The roles and responsibilities can be obtained from the documents section.


16 Aug – 22 Aug 2020
This is the time for CAC members to sign up and be a nominee for the upcoming elections. Please submit your nomination form (found at the Documents section of this page from 6 Jul onwards) via email to nuscac.elections@gmail.com. Please note that there are separate nomination forms for the 19th CAC Management Committee and 42nd NUSSU Executive Committee Representative.
23 Aug – 27 Aug 2020
The picture and write-up submitted by all nominees in the nomination form will be posted on @nus_cac on Instagram. Nominees are free to campaign on their own social media accounts which will NOT be re-posted or re-shared by CAC. Please note that nominees are not allowed to campaign as a group.
Election Day
29 Aug 2020
Nominees for the 19th CAC Management Committee are required to prepare a speech (accompanying presentation material is optional) to be presented during Election Day. This will serve as a platform for the students to better understand the nominees.


Candidates for the NUSSU EXCO Representative positions will be subject to a vote of confidence by NUS CAC members to be conducted on NUSync.

No proxy allowed and all votes are confidential.
Results Release
The Returning Officer will announce the voting results after Election Day. Successful nominees will be elected into 19th Management Committee.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Election Committee at nuscac.elections@gmail.com

Election Committee

Returning Officer
Wu Liang Ling
Election Officers
Ivan Lee Yong Kian
Christina Tio
This page is subject to change without any prior notice.
Last updated 6 July 2020