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The CAC, CAC+US 2019 and MAC 2019 provides wonderful opportunities to forge a mutually beneficial relationship with sponsor organisations, especially for exhibition and sponsorship. Your support is essential to the successful realization of these events. The Management Committee of the CAC, CAC+US 2019 and MAC 2019 would like to cordially invite your organisation to leverage upon the various avenues available to market your brand and services to the NUS student body as well as our intended audience. For more information, please do feel free to contact Ivan at nuscac.marketing@gmail.com
  • What are we looking for?

    • Products samples/sachets to be included in goodie bags and distributed to all performers, organising committee and audience of CAC+US 2019 plus participants of MAC 2019
    • Discount vouchers or coupons to be placed in our goodie bags
    • Packaging material (i.e. tote bags, carrier bags) to be used for packing goodie bags
    • Prizes (for Cultural week opening lucky draw and MAC camp finale/advertising segments
    • Miscellaneous items for programs (e.g. printing services, lights and audio services)
    • Meal sponsorships catered for MAC camp and CAC+US
    • Cash sponsorships
    Sponsorship collaborations are flexible. CAC, CAC+US 2019 and MAC 2019 will be open to other forms of sponsorship your company may be willing to offer. The marketing committee of CAC, CAC+US 2019 and MAC 2019 will be more than willing to meet your company’s representative for a more detailed discussion about our special projects.
  • For more information and queries