From its simple beginnings as a club dedicated to the guitar, what is now known as NUS CAC Amplified was officially conceived in mid-2012, with the addition of numerous skilled vocalists, bassists, drummers and keyboardists. Today, NUS CAC Amplified is known to all as the premiere musical collective dedicated to the art of making and performing live music — Top 40s, Rock that makes you wanna move, all things Indie — you name it, we’ll play it.
Our subclub’s main goals are as follows:
1. To offer gig opportunities and performing experience for members
2. To develop our members’ musical proficiency
3. To allow members to meet and play with a variety of like-minded musicians, have fun, and make friends.
4. To provide other NUS subclubs with student-friendly priced sound equipment
5. To make music accessible to aspiring musicians through guitar lessons

  • Internal Gigs

    • Amplifright (formerly known as Ad Libitum)
  • External Gigs

    • SCAPE* (March, 2019)
    • Timbre+: NUS x SMU Semester Start Live Music Mixer (January, 2019)
    • NUS Amplified at Hood Bar & Cafe (June, 2018)
    • NUS Amplified at the Overheard Sessions (March, 2018)
    • Participated in Supernova 2015
    • Performed for SUNNUS 2015