Kudu silih asih, silih asah, jeung silih asuh.
Sundanese for “to remind one another, to care for one another, and to guide one another” – is the mantra we adhere to.
Angklung is a traditional Indonesian idiophone composed of bamboo tubes attached to frames and joined together using a rattan string. As one angklung produces the sound of one particular note, angklung is typically presented in the form of an ensemble – each member holding multiple angklungs, making collaboration and cooperation the linchpin of a harmonious and gracefully orchestrated performance. An angklung performance is also accompanied by other traditional Indonesian instruments, such as the Gendang (resembles a Conga) and Kolintang (Indonesian rendition of the Xylophone). That is why each and every single member plays a pivotal role in an angklung ensemble.
Unity in angklung subsequently gives birth to what we call our ensemble as a “famsemble” – a portmanteau of family and ensemble. We believe that as an NUS Angklung family, it is our responsibility to “remind one another, care for one another, and guide one another”.
NUS Angklung Ensemble showcases angklung’s versatility that balances traditionality and modernity through performing pieces that cater to current popular trends.

V I S I O N:

A community where everyone can learn, share, and guide each other through learning Angklung.

M I S S I O N:

From its establishment in 2007, NUS Angklung Ensemble strives to provide a safe and inclusive space for the NUS community to freely express themselves through Nusantara instruments, while simultaneously promoting Indonesian heritage through Angklung to increase cultural intelligence and tolerance.

D I R E C T I O N:

1. Creating a closely-knit “famsemble”
2. Establishing the club’s presence towards the wider NUS community
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  • NUS Malay Studies Society Cultural Appreciation Night

  • Signature Love Project XIV

  • NUS Special Project in Science′s 20th Anniversary Dinner

    • Graced by NUS President Prof Tan Chorh Chuan, Dean of Science Prof Shen Zuowei, Provost Tan Eng Chye
  • Held concerts at University Town Auditorium

    • The Chronicle, 2015
  • Little Musicians: Angklung

    • Children’s workshop
    • Part of Kemah Angklung 2020 (NUS Angklung Ensemble’s camp)
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