Through angklung, an Indonesian traditional musical instrument made out of bamboo, NUS Angklung showcases the versatility and diversity of NUS CAC in a balance between tradition and modernity.
Since one angklung only produces one note, it is usually played in the form of an ensemble in which each person holds multiple angklungs, making collaboration and cooperation the linchpin of a superb and harmonious performance. It is for this reason that everybody plays a pivotal role in an angklung ensemble.
Full of passion and confidence, its members perform an astonishing collection of songs, including, but not limited to, orchestral classics, pop songs, as well as traditional music, and are always eager to teach anyone who is interested in learning this intriguing and versatile instrument.

  • NUS Malay Studies Society Cultural Appreciation Night

  • Signature Love Project XIV

  • NUS Special Project in Science′s 20th Anniversary Dinner

    • Graced by NUS President Prof Tan Chorh Chuan, Dean of Science Prof Shen Zuowei, Provost Tan Eng Chye
  • Invited to perform at Asian Civilisations Museum

  • Held concerts at University Town Auditorium

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore