BreakiNUS represents the B-boy scene in NUS. Breaking consists of four kinds of movement: toprock, footwork, power moves, and freezes. B-boys usually dance to a variety of music genres, such as funk, soul and hip hop. Through this dance, we hope to spread our love and knowledge of hip-hop culture, so as to give back to the community. Join us for our sessions and be part of this unique subcultural movement.

V I S I O N:

Breakdance is for everyone, no matter your background

M I S S I O N:

To Promote Breakdance as an Art-form and Culture

D I R E C T I O N:

Elevate skill levels of current members and encourage the learning of Breakdance among the general student population

Ivan Chew
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  • Inter-University Jam UNITY 2019

    • Beginners Category, Champion, 1st & 2nd Runner Up
  • Internal Dance Battle

    • BreakiNUS Internal Jam
    • BreakiNUS Intermediate Internal Jam
  • Open Classes

    • Semester Beginner classes
    • Semester Intermediate classes