NUS Fingerstyle is a student interest group dedicated to the art of fingerstyle guitar. Fingerstyle guitar is a versatile form of guitar performance that incorporates numerous techniques and involves mainly solo or duet performance. Established in 2019, NUS Fingerstyle serves as a valuable platform for the fingerstyle guitarists in NUS to interact with and learn from one another. We also provide various performing opportunities for aspiring fingerstyle guitarists to showcase their talents. NUS Fingerstyle holds weekly sessions for its members to cover topics ranging from music theory and techniques, to fingerstyle arrangement and composition. We aim for our members to appreciate not only the art of fingerstyle guitar, but also music in general. Despite being a young club, NUS Fingerstyle has formed a passionate community of fingerstyle lovers and achieved many milestones since its inception.

  • Major Events and Their Timeline


    February – Started as an unofficial student interest group with the name Acoustic Guitar Club (AGC)
    August – Held their first public showcase at UTown and attracted 40+ people to join the club
    November – Organised their first internal showcase to offer members an opportunity to perform on stage


    January – Held an open-air concert at YIH Plaza to bring fingerstyle guitar music to a broader audience
    November – Were invited as guest performers at a fundraising concert for the Yellow Ribbon Project


    February – Became an official sub-club under the CAC and renamed themselves NUS Fingerstyle
    March – Produced their first album containing 12 songs performed by their own members
    April – Fifteen members performed at their livestream concert which garnered 300+ views


  • What′s on Offer and What to Look Out For

    • Weekly sessions in small groups (5-8 people) on fingerstyle techniques, music theory and fingerstyle arrangement/composition
    • Special workshops taught by renowned fingerstyle guitarist
    • Opportunities to record your own songs and film professional music videos
    • Various internal and external performing opportunities
    • Fun-filled bonding events
    • A warm and dedicated community of fingerstyle lovers!