NUS Funkstyles is aspiring to become a vibrant and prominent tertiary Funk Style club in Singapore. Though they are a relatively young club established in 2011, they have proven to be strong competitors and active participants in the local dance community. Having taken part in numerous Inter-University and National Competitions, qualifying and even winning a handful of such competitions, Funkstyles is growing into a strong community of funk dancers with a sense of kinship that can be shared through music and dance.

V I S I O N:

To be a vibrant and prominent tertiary Funk Style club in Singapore that cultivates creativity and individuality by creating an environment where learning is without limits.

M I S S I O N:

To bring diversity to NUS by cultivating a community of Funkstyle dancers in NUS, providing students with affordable and quality Popping and Locking classes, and a gateway to the local Funk Style Community.

D I R E C T I O N:

Welcoming dancers of all levels to experience street dance culture in Singapore in its entirety.
No Auditions required!
Chunky(Ian), Robin, Kai, Melise, Jordan
Contact us:
  • NUS CAC+US Concert 2020

  • Internal Events

    • Welcome Tea
    • Funk Bonding Day (FBD)
    • Freshie Showcase
  • Semester Classes

  • Internal Competitions

    • Old School Night (OSN)
    • NUS Funk Goes Online
    • TGIF Internal Qualifiers
    • PowerPOP Internal Qualifiers
  • We Funk Together (WFT) Vol. 1

  • NTU Funk Jam 2019

    • Top 8 2v2 Locking Category
    • Top 4 2v2 Popping Category
  • Funkmeisters Vol. 2

    • Runner-up for Inter-school 3v3 Category
  • Project Superfly – Max Party XVII SG Pre-Selections

    • 1st Runner-up for 1v1 Locking Amateur Category

    • Champion of the Popping 1v1 Battle
  • POPCITY Vol. 4

    • Champion of the Open Category Battle
    • 1st Runner-up for “Not So Old Bird” Category
  • MARKSMAN Vol. 1

    • Champion of the Handstyles Category
    • 1st Runner-up for 1v1 Popping Rookie Category