Lindy Hop

NUS CAC Lindy Hop is a swing dance club that features Charleston and Solo Jazz.
The dance was extremely popular in the golden age of jazz from the 20s to 40s.
Our club is composed of fun loving individuals from all walks of life, who gather on a weekly basis to indulge themselves in swing dancing.
We offer beginner’s classes every school semester to cater to the fast-growing interest in dance among the student population.
A dance suitable for solo, partner work, team, choreographies or improvisation, club members have the freedom to choose what they want to pursue,
be it through campus collaborations or with the Lindy Hop scene outside of NUS.
Club activities usually include social dancing and performances in events such as cultural week and CAC+US,
which are held yearly. Join us for fun-loving socials and meet the friendly folks in our Lindy Hop family!

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  • Active in the local lindy hop scene and collaborated with Lindy Hop SG to organize the Singapore Lindy Revolution (SLR) 2016 and 2017, an annual international event

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  • Involved in World Lindy Hop Day 2016

  • Collaborated with NUS CAC’s Amplified and NTU CAC’s Lindy Hop to organize a social dance