Voices was founded in 1999 by a group of mandopop enthusiasts who enjoy jamming and performing together. Since then, Voices has grown tremendously over the years — both in our achievements and membership. Voices provides attractive platforms for like-minded individuals to form bands and perform within and outside of NUS. In each academic year, there will be two staple concerts — “Prelude” and “Emerge” to showcase our members’ talents and hard work. Members are also given the opportunities to participate in external events such as wedding gigs and opening ceremonies.
Some say that music is the food of love. We say, music is the food of life. Be it having a soft spot for ballad or jazz, the vigour to hype crowds with rock or pop music, or an adventurous soul to explore other genres, Voices provides the opportunity for you to do just that. Indeed, the sky’s the limit and this is never more true in Voices.
Apart from Mandopop, we have ventured beyond our inaugural identity and performed English, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese pieces.
Beyond the plethora of opportunities to perform, Voices is equally keen to help its members discover and unlock their potential for personal growth and fulfillment.

V I S I O N:

A tight-knit community that is truly bonded through our collective exploration of music to produce quality entertainment for all.

M I S S I O N:

To provide an inclusive environment for passionate individuals to learn and improve in their musical abilities, as well as to open up valuable platforms for live performances as a band.

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  • Prelude 2019:心声代 FreshMen

    • Newest batch of vocalists and instrumentalists put up their virgin performances alongside with senior members
    • Tickets sold out to unprecedented demand within a week of ticket sales.
    • Held at Shaw Foundation Alumni House
  • Performances

    • 12th Inter-Faculty Games Opening x Supernova 2019
    • Student Life Fair 2019
    • HERE! Arts Festival 2019 (NUS Largest Annual Arts Carnival)
    • Thank Gig It’s Friday (TGIF) – Live Performance in UTown
  • Emerge Concert

    • Coming soon in 2020
    • Emerge showcases the best of our talents, unleashing the full potential of our vocal and musical prowess through eye-opening performances of Mandopop music across a wide array of genres and styles.
    • Sold out concert at UCC Theatre with an audience of over 400 people in 2018